ÔLAVIE was founded in 2017 by a team of entrepreneurs driven by Diaa Elyaacoubi, serial entrepreneur since 20 years, in the tech industry in Europe. After several years analyzing the Chinese behaviour in Europe, the project was born from a simple observation. Walking down the streets of the main European capitals, long queues of Chinese were seen in front of the luxury stores daily and their number increased year over year. The Chinese are the biggest luxury consumers in the world making up over 30% of global sales. Nevertheless – most can’t afford to travel for shopping multiple times a year. So – who is queuing in front of the stores and how can they spend so much? A new social commerce phenomenon has emerged where Chinese fashion influencers in Europe use this opportunity to promote and sell products to their friends in China on social media. The trend has grown so big and turned these social channels significantly powerful.
ÔLAVIE wishes to seize this opportunity and gather fashion sellers and customers in one safe and trustworthy APP. ÔLAVIE’s goal is to create a marketplace where European fashion hunters and customers in China can connect, shop and enjoy luxury as if they travelled to Europe.



Why shop with ÔLAVIE?

ÔLAVIE offers the latest trends from Europe and gives the customer the opportunity to access products from the stores as if he were there physically. Our fashion hunters are based in Europe and at the customer’s disposal to find their desired fashion products and ship them directly.

All products are authentic and picked out from the stores in Europe by our best fashion hunters. The customer can contact one of our fashion hunters directly through the integrated chat system. They will be happy to help their customer find the products they desire and ship them. The customer pays easily and securely through our integrated payment system.

ÔLAVIE makes the customer benefit from top European luxury brands and access products not available at home. They no longer need to travel to access the finest European brands, they can shop from their smartphone at their convenience.

Our Concept

With ÔLAVIE, we wish to connect in one APP, the fashion hunters living in Europe and the luxury fashion customers living in China. Together they can exchange about the latest trends and customers can purchase products directly from the shelf in the stores in Europe through our live shopping chat system.

ÔLAVIE helps customers and luxury fashion hunters to meet and source products in Europe which are unavailable, scarce or more expensive in China.

Our Fashion Hunters

ÔLAVIE carefully selects the most influential luxury fashion hunters in Europe to recommend and sell products on our APP.

We name our fashion hunters “Key Opinion Shoppers” (KOS).

Not only do they provide style advice, but also hunt and buy the products our customers most desire. They are all Chinese speaking with a strong sense for style, and passionate about trends and luxury fashion.

Our KOS are hand-picked thoroughly and go through a selection process with our ÔLAVIE team. We meet and interview each one individually before we validate them on the platform to guarantee a trustworthy and professional service to our Chinese customers.


We have a personal relation to all our Fashion Hunters to guarantee no fake products are sold on our platform. If a customer encounters a problem or feel suspicious they should contact our Customer service directly and we will make sure to sort the problem in the best and fastest way.










CEO & Founder

Serial tech entrepreneur. Founder of Streamcore and e-brands.20 years of entrepreneurship



VP & Co-founder

7+ years of experience in Start-up Business Development, Marketing Strategy and Project Management. Msc from SSE



Head of China Office & Co-founder

Technical project manager since 3 years. Engineer from Zhejiang University & Paris Tech




Veteran APP developer with over 12 years of experience. Founder of Coobers web agency


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