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Shopping Procedure

1.1 How do you shop?

Browse and pick favorite products on the platform and add them to the shopping bag. We suggest to contact the KOS to confirm the details of the products before creating the order. The customer will need to receive the confirmation from the KOS for the products listed on demand. For the products listed as “in stock”, it is possible to pay the order directly.

1.2 What to do if the KOS does not accept the order?

Once the order is created, the KOS will need some time to validate it considering the different time zones in China and Europe and product availability in store. You can contact the seller through the chat function or click on “Remind the seller” on the order page.

1.3 What should I do if the KOS doesn’t ship the order?

You can contact the seller through the Message or click on “Remind the seller” on the order page.

1.4 How do you use a coupon?

On the checkout page, click on « Coupon » and select a coupon from the drop-down menu.


2.1 How can I pay for my orders?

We currently accept Union Pay. Alipay. Wechatpay will soon be available.

2.2 What should I do if the payment fails?

The payment failure may be caused by the 3rd party payment platform or by your network, please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact the ÔLAVIE customer service.


3.1 What are the shipment modes? How long does it take to receive the parcel?

The shipment conditions should be discussed dircectly with the Fashion Hunter. The delivery time will depend on the selected shipping option.

3.2 How much is the import tax?

Import tax is calculated on the importation of goods. The taxes are different for each country. Please contact the Fashion Hunter for the tax details before creating the order.

Order confirmation

4.1 Sign the parcel

Before you sign the parcel, please check the package of the parcel is intact. Make sure to verify the product on the presence of the deliveryman, in case of an eventual problem such as wrong product, missing item, damage or other obvious problems, please obtain the evidence immediately and contact your KOS.

Return and exchange

5.1 If you order the wrong size or do not like the product?

All products on the platform are purchased from abroad. Usually the KOS does not accept a return or exchange except for quality issues. Please contact your KOS directly for more information.