Shopping Guide

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How does it work?

The app is incredibly user-friendly.You may follow these simple steps:

  • Download the ÔLAVIE app from Apple store (Android version will be up shortly)
  • Create an account by registering with your mobile number or via Weibo
  • Once your profile is complete, you can easily browse all our products, stores and read about the latest trends in Fashion

To purchase a product, add the selected item in your shopping bag. We recommend you interact with your KOS, who are more than happy to answer any questions through the chat system, before any purchase.


You may exchange on your shipping preferences for the product you wish to buy. Please bear in mind that ÔLAVIE is not responsible for the shipping of the goods: your KOS is.

© Monnier Frères


Begin by creating a profile with your avatar name and by uploading a profile picture. Please provide us with your shipping address to secure your shipments and enjoy your social shopping experience.


ÔLAVIE’s goal is to facilitate safe and digital payments with the most popular payment methods today: Union Pay, Alipay. Wechatpay will soon be available.

Regarding purchases: a down payment to ÔLAVIE is requested. The KOS is then informed of the down purchase, allowing her to safely purchase and ship the desired item for our customer. Only once the product is safely in our customer’s hands, our KOS receives their payment. ÔLAVIE is a secure third party ensuring everyone’s protection.

Shipping and delivery

The delivery conditions are decided between the Customer and the Fashion Hunter.

The ÔLAVIE platform recommends to ship via our partner to benefit from advantageous prices but the customer is free to chose the shipping mode he prefers.

The ÔLAVIE platform is a marketplace, we do not take responsibility for the shipping of the products.