The Concept

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ÔLAVIE was founded in 2017 by a fashion & tech savvy dream team led by serial entrepreneur Diaa Elyaacoubi. Diaa has combined her passion for fashion with her 20+ years tech industry knowledge to create the ultimate shopping experience that fits the increasing demand for trusth-worthy online luxury shopping of the Chinese market. With a fast growing market, that makes already 30% of global luxury sales, and more constraints to travel and shop (less time & long queeing) a new form of social shopping has emerged: live shopping with Chinese Key Opinion Shoppers.


When Key Opinion Leaders (K.O.L) become your most powerful salesforce you are looking at a new form of influence called the Key Opinion Shoppers (KOS). It creates not only strong user generated content, but it is an innovative and more popular channel to sell products to their customers in China via social media clusters like Weibo, Wechat, Little Red Door…


The trend has grown significantly to the point where ÔLAVIE has become the first trusted source in social shopping with the launch of their app ÔLAVIE. A luxury marketplace where KOS and cross-border clients can shop and enjoy luxury as if they were in Europe.


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Luxury shopping cross-border was never made so easy with a broad selection of hand-picked, in-season must-haves, by our very own Key Opinion Shoppers ( KOS).

A live chatting system allows KOS and buyer to exchange and pay securely with our user-friendly app. Live the experience of social shopping with ÔLAVIE:


  • Instantaneously from European avenues
  • Directly with products unavailable at home
  • Immediately without having to travel
  • Safely guided by their very own trusted KOS
  • Conveniently with just the tip of your finger


The app. is designed to connect Key Opinion Shoppers (KOS) and buyers through a user-friendly chat allowing them to exchange and experience tailor made digital shopping with a curated selection of products.


Imagine if your most inspirational and influential blogger was also a trusted concierge service that can procure you the very best in the European fashion scene… these special hunters are called “Key Opinion Shoppers” (KOS).

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Our KOS not only provide incredible up-to-trend fashion advice but are determined to hunt down the buyer’s selected item, no matter how scarce or difficult to find. They are all Chinese speaking with a very strong sense of style and passion for the luxury industry.

All our KOS are carefully selected and go through a selection process in order to be recruited as trustworthy personal shoppers.


ÔLAVIE guarantees that all products sold on our app are a 100% authentic. If a customer should ever have any doubt they are invited to contact our customer care service directly to solve the issue rapidly.